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About our Bathtub Chair feature

Trying to navigate bathing in a bathtub with mobility impairment isn’t just a challenge, it can be hazardous. The slippery environment and significant bends and lifts a carer may need to encounter means that there’s risks to consider. Unfortunately many standard bathtub chairs don’t have a level of stability for significant mobility affected individuals to safely use. The Showerbuddy range completely removes the risks associated with manual transfers into the bathtub, all without making any permanent modification to your bathroom.

A bathtub chair that offers secure, comfortable bathing

When mobility is reduced, the risks that exist in a moisture-filled bathroom become even more significant. A standard bathtub/shower unit has a high barrier that a person needs to clear to settle into the shower over bathtub. Showerbuddy’s transfer range includes options like the SB2 and SB2T that use an innovative chair, bridge and base system to allow the user to remain seated comfortably throughout transfers and bathing from bedside to shower and return.

Our chairs completely eliminate the worry around lifting a user across the edge, protecting both carer and the user from strain and injury.

Why use a Bathtub Chair?

ShowerBuddy SB1 in shower with caregiver removing bridge

For use in bathtubs with a shower fitting

The Showerbuddy’s TubBuddy ranges are designed to enable the user comfortable, stable bathing in a seated or tilted position under a shower fitting. In this position, bathing assistance is made much easier, with the user able to be rotated and accessed by the carer.

A bath chair and so much more

What makes Showerbuddy’s range so appealing to both users and their families is that it provides support across the entire bathroom process. As a bath chair, the sturdy frame, arm and feet rests, and reinforced cushioning is simply best in class for support during bathing. It’s also a reliable companion for using the toilet, washing up, and even getting from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again. There’s a reason why it’s called a complete bathroom mobility solution. 

Our Bathtub Chair Features

Comfortable cushion

The Showerbuddy’s TubBuddy systems are designed to accommodate users in the most comfortable way possible. Our cushions are designed with thick, soft but supportive foam covered in a high quality vinyl cover that enables ease of clean and good grip for the user. The cushions of all Showerbuddy chairs can be removed for even easier cleaning or replacing.

Safety features

Our chairs come with premium quality castor wheels that are lockable. Our units also ship with safety restraints to help the user remain in a comfortable seated position. The tilting version of our TubBuddy system benefits from the additional calf strap to keep securely in place during transfers.

All Showerbuddy sliding transfer chairs have incredible inbuilt safety features, most hidden from view, that prevent the user accidentally rolling or falling out of the chair and tracks during a transfer. These are unique and provide peace of mind for the user and carer.

Accessories available

Customising your bath chair is made possible through our range of accessories. Users can extend or reduce the transfer bridge length, reduce arm rest width and even choose the desired configuration of commode opening for their seat cushion. That’s because we know each user has their own bathroom requirements and personal preferences.


We believe that good assistive technology should adjust around the user. Showerbuddy’s bath tub chair options, the SB2 and SB2T, allow for the seat height to be heightened or lowered to suit. The bath base and rolling base are both adjustable, independent of each other to suit the user’s bathtub height and depth. The footrests of our TubBuddy options are height adjustable, swinging away for easier dismounts and entirely removal if surplus to requirements.

Tilting option

Sometimes a user requires to be tilted back in order to clear the side of the bath, with no manual effort to lift and clear their legs. The SB2T Tilt option of our TubBuddy range offers this tilt-ability through a handy lever placed at the handle of the unit. This allows for a seamless tilt back and transfer.

The tilted position is very stable, designed to allow users to bathe tilted for the entirety of the shower. To help keep the user safe and comfortable, our tilting options come with a neck rest built in.

Why choose us for your Bathtub Chair

High quality manufacturing

Showerbuddy is an award winning assistive technology manufacturer. We take our manufacturing processes very seriously, ensuring that our processes via hand, CNC, robotics and welding are all executed to exacting standards. Every bathtub chair from Showerbuddy has gone through dozens of quality control steps before it reaches our users.

Built to last

Showerbuddy’s bathtub chairs are designed to last a long time for our users. In fact, our hard wearing aluminium chair frames are coupled with a lifetime warranty, so that any manufacturing issues are completely covered by us giving users total peace of mind. All our parts and fittings are also made from industrial-grade stainless steel, brass and plastic – ready for the rigours of daily bathroom use.

Many Showerbuddy users have the same chair from childhood, through teens and into adulthood. They’re that well made.

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