For Bathroom Mobility

Better Access, More Comfort, No Remodelling Needed

Are you struggling with:

  • accessing a shower, bath and toilet?
  • safe, secure and comfortable bathing?
  • maintaining privacy and dignity?
  • expensive or impractical remodelling?
  • clearing the edge of a shower or bath?

Showerbuddy’s range solves all this and more.

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The right choice for


Here’s why our shower transfer system is so popular:
Roll-InBuddy Solo SB6w chair in roll-in shower

Get the configuration that’s right for you.

Our products work with most shower units, bathtub units and roll-in showers.

Along with our extensive accessory range, we’ll work with users, their families, occupational therapists and carers, to build the perfect bathroom mobility solution.

ShowerBuddy SB1 for step-in showers

No bathroom remodelling needed – ever.

Before, preparing a bathroom for mobility impairment required additional cost and permanent modification. With Showerbuddy’s range, there’s no damage done to the bathroom – mobility is taken care of by your Showerbuddy. Moving house or switching bathrooms? No problem

Showerbuddy - TubBuddy SB2 product shown in bathtub

Intuitive, premium design

Showerbuddy is designed in New Zealand by a team of bathroom mobility experts and industrial designers.  Showerbuddy chairs, bridges, bases and accessories are made using high-grade materials. Our designs undergo significant stress-testing to ensure they last the distance.

Where to Buy


Showerbuddy products are available throughout the world via our extensive distributor network.  Our distributors are part of the wider Showerbuddy family, offering customised solutions, product orders and ongoing support. Contact us to find your local Showerbuddy distributor.

Eco Traveller SB7e with caregiver folded into travel bag


Product Range

Browse our solutions for different bathroom types and mobility needs:
TubBuddy Tilt SB2T positioned tilted over bathtub

Transfer Range

For use with a bathtub or step-in shower configuration, Showerbuddy’s innovative chair, bridge and base system allows users to access most bathtubs and step in units for a comfortable and private shower.

Roll-InBuddy Tilt SB3T shown in roll-in shower

Roll In Range

Chairs designed to be used in bathrooms with a roll-in style shower or wet room configuration. Safe, secure transfer and showering is made possible with our best in class roll in Showerbuddy chairs.

Eco Traveller SB7e video overlay image

Travel Range

Showerbuddy isn’t just designed for home use – if you’re travelling frequently, the travel range can bring the comfort and practicality of Showerbuddy in a mobile package.

Petite Buddy P1 on SB1 frame in shower

Children & Petite Users

Our shower mobility products are highly customisable to suit a large range of body types from children to the elderly and smaller adults. Better still, these adjustments are made possible with accesories, meaning changing the chair over time is simple.


Some of Our Happy Users

I’m a C5 quadriplegic and I have a pretty small bathroom. When I needed a solution I came across Showerbuddy. I can use the chair to slide in and out of my shower everyday – it’s awesome. With Showerbuddy I have all the comfort of showering like anybody else!


Showerbuddy works perfectly – we’ve had it for over 10 years. We can shower and recline our 21 year old. We have seatbelts so I feel secure and he likes being in there because it’s like a wheelchair. I don’t have to worry about picking him up and trying to move him around. I recommend this for a single parent trying to do it themselves!


Our experience with the Showerbuddy system has been wonderful. It’s a high quality product, lightweight, not going to rust, easy to use and my husband feels secure in it. It’s been a fabulous thing for us – it’s given us back time and dignity.
Laurie & Walter

New Jersey

Accessories for your


Showerbuddy products are highly-customisable with dozens of accessories. Browse the range of options here and enquire about bespoke configurations to best suit your needs.

Showebuddy Accessory NRA


For the Therapists

Showerbuddy is a mobility solution provider.

This means we supply equipment, but also provide consultation for Occupational Therapists (OTs) and Physiotherapists (PTs) to best support their clients with a tailored mobility solution. Directly and through our distributor network, we’re able to supply OTs and carers with resources they require to get the most out of their Showerbuddy equipment. We also provide regular OT and distributor training sessions via online webinars from our purpose-built training bathroom showroom.

TubBuddy Tilt SB2T with caregiver tilted over bathtub

“Great idea for carers looking after loved ones by themselves at home.”
Pamela P

“Terrific way to simplify showering”
Josephine F

“What a great invention. I love it!”
Margaret B

“I have one – using it for my husband who has mobility issues related to Guillain Barre Syndrome.”
Wendy B

“I am an Occupational Therapist in Port Stephens, NSW and have been using the TubBuddy and ShowerBuddy for community clients for about 7 years now! I LOVE the ShowerBuddy and BathBuddy for the amount of complex home modification requests I have been able to avoid!”
Nicole Y

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