Cushion with 170mm (6.7″) commode opening

The open-front commode cushion for smaller users

Smaller showerbuddy users will benefit from our open-front commode cushion with a 170mm opening. The SCP2 brings all the comfort and ease of cleaning of the larger cushions to children or smaller users with mobility needs.

We’ve designed the SCP2 to work with most primary Showerbuddy products. Users requiring this accessory may also benefit from the A-P2 that shortens the distance between armrests. Alternatively the Petite Buddy P2 brings a full conversion for younger users.

Commode opening dimensions
  • Opening width at front 89mm
  • Centre of opening from front 203mm
  • Commode opening width 170mm


at a glance

  • Open front
  • Smaller 170mm commode opening
  • Comfortable cushion
  • Work well alongside the Petite Buddy P2
  • Designed for smaller users