Padded Backrest Cushion

Reduce the seat of SB6 chairs

The Padded Backrest Cushion accessory is recommended for some users to support body position and comfort. The PBC brings the back of the chair forward, helping support natural leg position and circulation. This accessory comes with plastic brackets to fix it onto the push handle upright of the SB6 chair.

The PBC helps to customise the fit of SB6 series chairs to the needs of the user. We suggest an assessment of needs with OT before purchasing a chair and accessory configuration.


at a glance

  • Reduces seat depth of SB6 chairs
  • Padded foam for comfort
  • Fixes with included plastic brackets
  • Easy to clean
  • Good for smaller users

Watch the

Tutorial Video

Learn how to fit a Padded Backrest Cushion (PBC) on SB6c, SB6w