Rolling Chair Height Extender

Increase chair height for transfer to raised bathtubs

If the bathtub is higher than 535mm (for SB2) or 500mm (for SB2T) relative to the bathroom floor, you will need to use the Rolling Chair Height Extender tubes (RBE24). These are fitted at the time of home installation by the installer and must be ordered separately as an accessory.


  1. Remove the upper portion of the chair by taking out the height adjustment clips in the main legs.
  2. Lift the whole top section of the chair out of the lower rolling frame.
  3. Remove the 2 U shaped tubes fixed with thumb knobs to the underside of the cushion area. Replace those U tubes with the longer RBE24 tubes to allow the chair to be lifted to a higher level to clear the side of the bath tub.
  4. Refit the upper chair section back into the lower rolling base section.


at a glance

  • Increase height of chair to clear bathtub transfer
  • Made from the same hardened material as the Showerbuddy unit.
  • Use Showerbuddy with a wider range of bathrooms
  • Ensures comfort of user and carer
  • Order with SB2 or SB2T or as a later add on

Watch the

Tutorial Video

Learn how to fit a Rolling Chair Height Extender (RBE24)