Seat Cushion – Right Hand Opening

A custom opening commode cushion for SB6 models

The SB6c and SB6w Roll-InBuddy chairs are designed for both carer-assisted and solo use. Thousands of users with mobility needs have enjoyed the extra bathroom independence gained by the Roll-InBuddy range. Because users have different needs and preferences, we offer the commode seat cushion in a variety of configurations.

SCRO (Seat Cushion Right-hand Opening) is a commode cushion with an opening from the centre across to the right side of the seat. This offers extra convenience for users, catering to specific bathing, transferring and bathroom layout requirements. Users should discuss their commode seat needs with OTs and carers to decide the best commode seat for them.

SCRO accessory is available to order for your SB6 Roll-InBuddy today.


at a glance

  • Commode cushion opens to the right hand side
  • Durable, comfortable build
  • Use with the Roll-InBuddy SB6c and SB6w
  • Quick to clean
  • Purchase with SB6 unit