Shower Base Risers

Get extra height on your transfer.

Compatible with:

If the shower floor is level with (or lower) than the bathroom floor, the shower base unit may need extra height to allow the base, bridge and rolling base (chair) to align correctly.

This is no longer a problem with our Shower Base Risers – a 4x set of longer tubular leg parts that replace the SB1 Showerbuddy’s standard shower base legs. This accessory provides more height to clear the shower edge and connect chair and showerbase units. SBR offers an extra 37mm of clearance. Shower Base Risers can be ordered with the Showerbuddy SB1, or purchased later.

This is a Showerbuddy shower accessory and comes in three sizes:

  • SBR by 35mm
  • SBR150 by 85mm
  • SBR200 by 135mm


at a glance

  • Extension legs for shower base unit of SB1
  • Ideal for shower floors lower or level with bathroom
  • Get extra 1.5 inches of clearance for transfers
  • Easy swap out with existing shower base legs
  • Order with SB1 or later add on

Watch the

Tutorial Video

Learn how to fit Shower Base Risers (SBR)