Soft Foam Cushion

A softer fit for users of the Roll-In Buddy Series

Our Roll-InBuddy shower chairs have brought bathroom mobility to thousands of roll-in shower owners across the globe. The carer-assisted SB6c or the excellent solo-use SB6w provide great flexibility and function in the home bathroom – all while avoiding expensive remodelling. We design all our products to be highly comfortable to use for extended periods, including our cushion seats. Some users require a softer foam cushion to alleviate pressure problems when seated for extended periods.

We developed the Soft Foam Cushion SCSF-6 for Roll-InBuddy owners to enjoy even softer comfort during showertime. This cushion accessory is built with 10mm of Polyethylene foam, underneath 25mm of extra soft foam. This is all fixed to a stable plywood base and heat-sealed with an easy-clean vinyl covering.

The Soft Foam Cushion SCSF-6 is screw-fixed to SB6c or SB6w, and comes with commode rails factory-fitted.


at a glance

  • Extra 25mm soft foam layer
  • Screw-fixed installation to chair
  • Heat-sealed vinyl covering
  • Use with the Roll-InBuddy SB6c and SB6w
  • Easy to clean