Straight Backrest-Push Handle

Allow more space inside the shower

As standard, the ShowerBuddy and TubBuddy models have an ergonomic bend at the top of the backrest for the convenience of the carer/attendant. In some cases however, shower enclosures are smaller, meaning the handle can get in the way when rotating the chair. In these situations the Straight Backrest-Push Handle accessory is recommended. This piece swaps out the top bend backrest frame with a straight piece without bend, allowing more space within the shower.

The SBH accessory reduces length by 70mm and can be ordered for compatible Showerbuddy models. We recommend measuring the space and assessing requirements with an OT and/or carer before ordering.


at a glance

  • Swap bend-style with straight handle
  • Reduce length by 70mm
  • Maneuver and rotate within smaller enclosures
  • Strong aluminium build
  • Retains function for carer assistance

Watch the

Tutorial Video

Learn how to fit a Straight Push Hand (SPH)