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The Showerbuddy roll-in shower chair system set up in a bathroom with a white shower step, showcasing the chair's extended track for easy transfer and accessibility in a shower with modern aesthetics.

Showerbuddy: Transfer Range

Showerbuddy’s transfer range is designed to help mobility impaired users access bathtubs and step-in showers. All products in this range include our innovative chair-bridge-base system.
Close-up of a mobility aid chair headrest in navy blue with ergonomic contouring, mounted on a beige and orange frame with a silver adjustment lever, emphasizing comfort and support for the user's head and neck.

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We offer a comprehensive list of accessories to make Showerbuddy fit our users’ bodies and needs. Please explore the range and speak with your distributor about the best combination for you.

Showerbuddy transfer chair situated in a white-tiled shower area, inviting inquiries about the versatile Showerbuddy Transfer Range.

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