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Promotional image of a Showerbuddy shower chair, presented as an all-in-one shower and bathroom mobility solution, with the chair shown against a tiled bathroom wall.

Shower: Chair

Your all in one shower chair and bathroom mobility solution.

  • About our: Shower Chair

    If you’re looking for a shower chair that provides everything a mobility impaired person could possibly need from assistive technology in the bathroom, then Showerbuddy is the choice. Through decades of ongoing research and development, the Showerbuddy product range brings a level of comfort, independence and ease to the bathroom process than anything before it.

  • A shower chair and so much more

    What makes Showerbuddy’s range so appealing to both users and their families is that it provides support across the entire bathroom process. As a shower chair, the sturdy frame, arm and feet rests, and reinforced cushioning is simply best in class for support during bathing. It’s also a reliable companion for using the toilet, washing up, and even getting from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again. There’s a reason why it’s called a complete bathroom mobility solution. 

Our shower chairs once again allow users to enjoy a relaxing shower. Best of all, this solution requires no permanent bathroom modifications.

  • Image highlighting a Showerbuddy shower chair, emphasizing its importance and benefits for users needing assistance in the shower.

    Why use: a Shower Chair?

  • Move between shower and toilet without manual lifts

    Showerbuddy’s well known for making the transfer process hassle-free and much safer. This is because our chairs don’t require manual lifting of the user to use the shower – they stay seated in their Showerbuddy, and are moved (or move themselves depending upon the chair model) into the shower area. 

    The Transfer range works with a 3 part system consisting of the shower chair itself, a bridge that clears the edge of shower unit or bathtub, and an in-shower base that is firmly fitted. The user stays in the chair the whole time, but is moved up to and connected to the bridge. Once connected, the top half of the chair can be slid across the bridge, over top of the in-shower base, where the user has 360 swivel motion available, in the shower enclosure SB1 chair, helping the carer access and position the user easier. 

    It’s not just the shower that our systems are used for though. The Showerbuddy is designed to be positioned over top of most standard toilets that, with the included commode opening in the cushion, gives users a supportive, comfortable toilet option.

    The entire bathroom process can be done without a single manual lift. Once the user is safely back in the bedroom, they can be transferred out of the Showerbuddy.

  • Image of a Showerbuddy chair with a tilt feature, showcasing the tilting option for added comfort and accessibility in the bathroom.

    Tilting option available

    The ability to tilt back in a shower chair helps in a number of ways. First, some users may require a reclined body position in order to take body weight pressure off. Other users may need to be tilted in order to allow safe bathing by a carer. And for many users, clearing legs across the edge of the bathtub is much easier when the chair itself tilts back vs. manually lifting these.

    Whatever the reasons behind a tilting requirement, Showerbuddy offers tilting options of our bathtub transfer range, that come with neck rests to support the head in these reclined positions. 

  • Close-up image of a Showerbuddy chair's wheel and brake system, featuring a wheelchair-style self-propel option for user independence.

    Wheelchair style self propel option available

    Showerbuddy doesn’t just create shower chairs for use with a carer. Many of our users with mobility challenges have full upper body control and use a wheelchair routinely on their own. We offer the SB6w Roll-InBuddy Solo which brings the format of a wheelchair to the bathroom. All the same functions and comfort of a standard roll-in style Showerbuddy chair, with large drive wheels that give full control back to the user.

  • Image of a folded Showerbuddy chair packed in a black travel bag, suggesting its portability and convenience for users on the go.

    Need to travel?

    For the mobile or keen traveller, Showerbuddy offers a shower chair especially built for the task. The SB7e Eco Traveller also has an accessory travel bag that can be purchased separately and packs down to a footprint that fits in a standard hatchback vehicle and makes for easy luggage on a flight. It’s also ideal for a shower chair that needs to be packed down and stored in the home.

Our Shower Chair Features

  • Image focused on the safety belt and backrest of a Showerbuddy chair, highlighting the safety features designed for stable and secure bathing.

    Safety features for stable bathing

    The Showerbuddy range offers an incredibly safe showing experience. The build of our chairs keeps the user in a comfortable, secure position, with safe access for a carer to assist. For users that need extra support keeping stable, our chairs come with seat and chest belts to stay in place. 

    All our showerbuddy chairs from the Roll in range to the Transfer range are locked securely into place with strong brakes. The build of our chairs and bases ensures that the equipment stays firmly in place, even with rapid change in weight distribution and wet, slippery environments. This gives users and their families peace of mind every shower.

  • Image showing a Showerbuddy chair, emphasizing the availability of shower chairs in different sizes to accommodate various user needs.

    Different size shower chairs

    We understand that users come in different sizes. For the typical open plan wet room style shower, we offer the Roll-InBuddy options for a number of different sizes, with seat widths including 18, 22 and 26 inches. Our range can accommodate users of up to 200kg depending on model. 

    For the small user and children, we offer the PetiteBuddy which brings the dimensions of Showerbuddy down to accommodate shorter and slimmer body types.

  • Close-up image of a cushioned seat on a Showerbuddy chair being lifted, demonstrating the high level of comfort provided by the cushioning.

    The utmost in cushion comfort

    We prioritise our users’ comfort during bathing. The Showerbuddy range is manufactured with thick foam and vinyl covered seat cushions, combining the soft adaptable cushion feeling with a reassuring sense of stability and durability. 

    And if you require a cushion opening for commode use that’s non-standard, such as a smaller opening, we have a large range of cushion options to suit including our softer comfort foam cushions. When it comes time to clean, the whole cushion can be removed and cleaned thoroughly.

  • Image showing a hand adjusting the height setting on a Showerbuddy chair, highlighting the chair's adjustable features for user customization.


    What makes Showerbuddy chairs so popular with our mobility impaired community is that we create products that work around the individual. We don’t expect our users to adapt to the limitations of a chair.

    That’s why our range has key adjustments built in across the board:

    • Seat height adjusts to suit the user
    • Footrests can be height adjusted, swung away or removed entirely
    • The arms flip back to allow ease of transfer into the chair off a bed or chair

    Different models have other adjustments available, such as tilting the seated position back up to 30 degrees for comfort and clearance.

  • Image of an integrated commode on a Showerbuddy chair, illustrating the included feature for added convenience.

    Included commode

    Our shower chairs all come with an included commode pail that enables bedside use or away from bathroom operation. The pail is easy to remove, and can be replaced with the user in the chair. The pail is also designed with a handle and lid for safe protective cleaning.

  • Image showing the backrest of a Showerbuddy chair with multiple holes for accessory attachments, emphasizing the chair's customization with optional accessories.

    Optional accessories

    The benefits of showerbuddy extend to the ability to customise the chair to fit the user’s specific needs. Our accessories range modifies the transfer bridge length, provides neck support, offers different seat openings, narrows armrest width and more. Showerbuddy models can be ordered with accessories, or have these added on later as the user’s needs evolve over time.

Why choose us for: your Shower Chair

Built to exacting standards

We take designing and producing shower chairs seriously at Showerbuddy. From the CAD design through to the production and shipping of our products, every element is considered carefully. 

Our non-rusting, powder-coated frames are made from hardened aluminium. They’re designed to be wet in a shower for the long term with no signs of wear. The chair frame is covered by a lifetime warranty against rusting and corrosion, so they can be used with total peace of mind. 

The assembly of our shower chairs are also affixed with high grade stainless steel, brass and plastic hardware and fittings. The whole package is shipped and out of the box assembled 90%, meaning that users can be using their Showerbuddy in under an hour of delivery. The small amount of assembly required at the home is tool-free. 

Dedicated to sustainability

Showerbuddy makes sure to reduce non-recyclable materials, including packaging. In 2020 Showerbuddy removed all polystyrene and non-recyclable packaging as well as reduced general plastic packaging to a minimum in order to protect our environment, yet still protect the chair quality during shipping.

The Showerbuddy chairs can be recycled at the end of their life, simply talk to your distributor.

More product features from Showerbuddy

  • Image of a Showerbuddy chair in a bathroom setting, designed to provide stability and support for individuals during showering.

    Shower Chair

    Your all-in-one shower chair and bathroom mobility solution.

  • Photo of a bathtub chair designed by Showerbuddy, featuring a transfer bench extending over the tub to aid individuals in safely entering and exiting the bathtub.

    Bathtub Chair

    Enjoy safe, supportive bathing and transfers in and out of the bath.

  • Image showing a Showerbuddy toilet riser chair positioned over a toilet, designed to assist individuals with limited mobility.

    Toilet Riser

    Enjoy comfort and hygiene with the Showerbuddy’s toilet functionality.

  • Photo of a Showerbuddy bath transfer system with a sliding seat mechanism for safely moving a person from a wheelchair to the bathtub.

    Bath Transfer

    Getting in and out of the bathtub has nver been safer and easier.

  • Image of a Showerbuddy shower transfer chair with a bridge connecting to a step, facilitating the transition from chair to shower area.

    Shower Transfer

    Get into and out of the shower without any manual lifting or straining.