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Showerbuddy: Features

An indepth look at the key functionality of Showerbuddy bathroom mobility solutions.

  • Welcome to our in-depth resource on the features of the: Showerbuddy range

    The Showerbuddy range of products is much more than just a seat to sit in whilst bathing. Every element of our models has been considered from ergonomics, motion, transfer, stability and security. In this guide about our features, you’ll learn about just how we bring all the elements of bathroom use into our range, assisting both carers and users alike.

  • Showerbuddy SB2T model with modular chair and track system over a bathtub, illustrating the feature to clear high bath edges for easier carer assistance.

    MODEL SB2T: The modular chair and track system is designed to clear raised bath edges.  Once the chair is locked in the bathtub position the bridge tracks can be remove to aid carer access.

  • Showerbuddy wheelchair with large wheels and adjustable toilet riser, emphasizing the convenience and adaptability for users with mobility needs.

    Why use: an adjustable Toilet Riser?

  • Transfers made safe and secure

    A typical toilet riser does not solve one of the most hazardous parts of toilet use for a mobility impaired person; getting onto and off of the toilet. With Showerbuddy, the user remains seated on their chair upon entering the bathroom, and doesn’t need to move when they use the toilet, or enter the shower. Our system is designed to remove all manual transfers whilst inside the slippery wet environment of the bathroom. This enables carers and individuals to safely mount the Showerbuddy in the comfort of the bedroom or other open, dry and carpeted area.

    Consider the movements of chair to toilet riser, chair to shower and so on – the more times these transfers are made manually, the more chance for an accident there is. Why risk injury to the user or their carer? Showerbuddy solves this.

    A toilet chair and so much more

    What makes Showerbuddy’s range so appealing to both users and their families is that it provides support across the entire bathroom process. As a toilet chair, the sturdy frame, arm and feet rests, and reinforced cushioning is simply best in class for support during toilet use. It’s also a reliable companion for bathing, washing up, and even getting from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again. There’s a reason why it’s called a complete bathroom mobility solution.

Features Guides

  • Commode Chair

    Having a reliable commode system is crucial for any mobility impaired individual’s convenience and comfort.  The Showerbuddy range comes equipped with a removable commode bucket system.

  • Shower Chair

    If you’re looking for a shower chair that provides everything a mobility impaired person could possibly need from assistive technology in the bathroom, then Showerbuddy is the best choice.

  • Bathtub Chair

    Trying to navigate bathing in a bathtub with mobility impairment isn’t just a challenge, it can be hazardous.  The Showerbuddy range completely removes the risks associated with manual transfers into the bathtub.

  • Toilet Riser alternative

    Achieving the right height for a seated position on a toilet is crucial for someone with mobility challenges to enjoy a comfortable bathroom break.

About Transfers

  • Bath Transfers

    Perhaps the most common of accidents and hazards in the bathroom for someone with mobility impairment is in the process of accessing and exting the shower or bathtub. This process is fraught with edges, water and unstable surfaces.  Add in the difficult a carer experiences when manually lifting and shifting another individual’s weight, and it’s easy to understand why this process can be so difficult.

  • Shower transfers

    The process of accessing a shower with a mobility impairment is a challenge that affects millions around the world each day. The risks that carers and individuals take with a manual lift into the shower results in countless injuries such as back sprains or worse. We think that in a slippery, unstable environment like a wet bathroom, the job of transferring into and out of a shower should be taken over by capable assistive technology.

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