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Close-up of a Showerbuddy chair showcasing its features, with a headline promoting an in-depth look at Showerbuddy's bathroom mobility solutions.

Toilet: Riser

The better Toilet Riser alternative. Enjoy comfort, safety and hygiene with the Showerbuddy’s toilet functionality. 

  • A Toilet Seat For: Disabled Users

    Achieving the right height for a seated position on a toilet is crucial for someone with mobility challenges to enjoy a comfortable bathroom break. The problem with many standard standalone toilet risers is that they lack the comfort or stability for use by someone with a significant mobility impairment. Showerbuddy’s systems are all designed to be the best possible toilet aid – all the while being mobile and supporting other bathroom activities at the same time.

    Why the Showerbuddy is a better choice than a fixed toilet riser

    Showerbuddy’s ethos on bathroom mobility design is making products that fit around the user, not the user around the product.

    Our users choose the Showerbuddy for toilet assistance because it brings a level of adjustment and comfort not found in typical toilet risers.

  • A Showerbuddy toilet chair system positioned over a standard toilet, featuring height adjustability to accommodate different toilet sizes for versatile use.

    Our system allows for height adjustability, allowing the unit to clear most toilets. Compare this with a standard toilet riser that is not adjustable – one size has to fit all. 

  • Showerbuddy wheelchair with large wheels and adjustable toilet riser, emphasizing the convenience and adaptability for users with mobility needs.

    Why use: an adjustable Toilet Riser?

  • Transfers made safe and secure

    A typical toilet riser does not solve one of the most hazardous parts of toilet use for a mobility impaired person; getting onto and off of the toilet. With Showerbuddy, the user remains seated on their chair upon entering the bathroom, and doesn’t need to move when they use the toilet, or enter the shower. Our system is designed to remove all manual transfers whilst inside the slippery wet environment of the bathroom. This enables carers and individuals to safely mount the Showerbuddy in the comfort of the bedroom or other open, dry and carpeted area.

    Consider the movements of chair to toilet riser, chair to shower and so on – the more times these transfers are made manually, the more chance for an accident there is. Why risk injury to the user or their carer? Showerbuddy solves this.

    A toilet chair and so much more

    What makes Showerbuddy’s range so appealing to both users and their families is that it provides support across the entire bathroom process. As a toilet chair, the sturdy frame, arm and feet rests, and reinforced cushioning is simply best in class for support during toilet use. It’s also a reliable companion for bathing, washing up, and even getting from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again. There’s a reason why it’s called a complete bathroom mobility solution.

Our Toilet Riser Features

  • Showerbuddy mobility chair designed for use over a toilet, emphasizing the secure design to maintain a safe body position.

    Maintain safe body position

    The Showerbuddy doesn’t just protect the user during transfers, but during toilet use as well. A standard toilet riser’s main job is to put the user at a height that makes for more comfortable mounting and to take strain off the user. But the challenge remains for individuals of how to use the toilet whilst supporting body weight. For many users with mobility impairments, they don’t have the control to stay centred or safely seated with any change in weight distribution. And many users don’t want a carer present during the ‘business’ part of their toilet use. 

    Showerbuddy brings an end to these concerns with our purpose built bathroom mobility systems. The comfortable yet slip resistant seat cushion covering, the sturdy arm rests and included safety belts help to position the user in a way that’s practical for toilet use and reduces the chance of slips and falls off. 

    Choose Showerbuddy over a standard toilet riser and enjoy all the security and support features that come with our system.

  • Showerbuddy chair over a toilet, showcasing a design focused on cleaner use and easier functionality for bathroom mobility needs.

    Cleaner, easier functionality

    A big consideration for households with a mobility impaired person who needs assistive equipment for the toilet is around the topic of cleanliness and hygiene. To protect everyone in the home, it’s paramount that the bathroom and toilet are kept clean at all times. 

    The problem with many toilet risers is that the way they are affixed to the toilet makes it very difficult to clean the area between the toilet bowl and the base of the riser. In a situation where full bodily control is not possible, one can imagine the potential for instances where a big clean up is needed. 

    With Showerbuddy, the entire shower chair system is designed to be rolled over the top of the toilet, locked in place and used. Once finished, the chair with the user still seated, is simply un-braked and removed, for entering into the Shower or leaving the bathroom. This leaves the toilet completely accessible for cleaning up and preparation for typical use by the rest of the household. 

    If our users need a seat opening that’s non-standard, we offer a range of different opening cushions such as closed front and different sizes of opening. It’s our belief that the more options our users have to create a solution that suits them, the more enjoyable their bathroom experience will be each day.

  • Close-up of a Showerbuddy chair cushion, emphasizing the enhanced comfort provided by the padded seating area.

    More comfortable

    Using the bathroom isn’t just a daily task to be completed. We all deserve to enjoy comfort and relaxation during our routines. The issue with typical toilet risers is they are designed for basic toilet use first. Some may include cushioning, but ultimately the build of these products are not high quality. Most are built with a hard plastic surface – not suitable for anyone with a skin condition or ulcers.

    Showerbuddy prioritises our users’ comfort by offering a toilet chair that brings the best possible support with reinforced foam padded seat cushion and arm rests. For users that require neck support, we offer this as an optional accessory or standard with our tilting models.

Why choose us for your: Toilet Riser

High quality materials and construction

A toilet riser goes through significant duress over time. Users will be shifting weight onto the riser during both mounting and use. The problem with many standalone toilet risers is they are not built for the rigours of long term bathroom use. 

Showerbuddy systems are all built with medical grade components to exacting standards in our purpose designed factory. Our powder-coated aluminium frames are designed to last the entire lifetime of the product, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee against rusting or corrosion to give users peace of mind.

Our stainless steel, brass and plastic components that are used in the assembly of Showerbuddy products are all designed for long term, daily use in a hot moisture-filled environment.

When you buy assistive technology to make using the toilet easy for a mobility impaired person, it needs to be reliable and durable. Showerbuddy’s range is built to last.

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