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World-class: Shower Chairs

Independence. Freedom. Showerbuddy.

A caregiver assisting an elderly woman seated on a Showerbuddy chair, demonstrating the chair's application in aged care for enhanced safety and support during bathing.

Empower dignity and: comfort in the bathroom

Everyone has the right to enjoy a hot shower. Our mission is to bring rewarding bathroom experiences to anyone with mobility challenges. We make this happen through our cutting-edge bathroom transfer solutions which give access to the bathroom without an expensive and time consuming remodel. Showerbuddy is found in bathrooms across the world.

Key: Benefits

No bathroom remodel required

Less cost and easy installation

Set up and shower same day

Quicker hospital discharge

Can be relocated for rental properties

Available now

Features of Showerbuddy

  • Advanced Showerbuddy chair positioned in a modern bathroom setting, showcasing its reclining feature and secure armrests for independent or assisted bathing.

    Shower Chair

    At the core of Showerbuddy’s functions is the best-in-class shower chair system. Users are seated securely and comfortably and can enjoy bathing alone or with the assistance of a carer.

  • Shower Transfer

    The process of transferring into a shower unit is fraught with difficulties for those living with injuries or reduced mobility. Learn how Showerbuddy solves this.

  • TubBuddy bathtub transfer chair by Showerbuddy, showcasing its extendable bridge and secure seating mechanism, designed for enabling access to traditional bathtubs for users with mobility issues.

    Bathtub Shower Chair

    Showerbuddy helps mobility impaired users access their shower over the bathtub through our TubBuddy systems. Designed for the bathtub specifically, these solutions are ideal for any shower-over-bath configurations.

  • TubBuddy transfer system with safety features and swivel seat, demonstrating an accessible solution for overcoming the high edges of bathtubs for mobility-impaired individuals.

    Bathtub Shower Transfer

    When showering over a bathtub the high edge might seem impossible to access for a wheelchair-bound or otherwise mobility impaired individual. But with TubBuddy systems, the edge of the bath is cleared in a matter of seconds with no strain. Just slide over to access the shower.

  • Showerbuddy toilet riser chair system attached to a standard toilet, emphasizing ease of use for individuals requiring elevated and secure seating throughout their bathroom routine.

    Toilet Riser

    Showerbuddy’s solutions all provide elevated, comfortable toilet use as well - this means the user will never have to leave the chair throughout their entire bathroom routine. 

  • Showerbuddy commode chair with removable cushion, highlighting the chair's versatility for non-bathroom environments, offering flexibility and independence to the user.

    Commode Chair

    For those moments away from the bathroom, Showerbuddy systems all come with removable commode buckets and seat apertures to enable flexibility and peace of mind. 

Why Showerbuddy?

  • The perfect solution for your needs

    We develop a range of solutions to suit specific requirements that your client or you may have. Simply explore our range and see for yourself.

    Our team continually innovates new chairs and accessories to add even more adaptability to our community’s needs.

  • No remodelling

    Remodelling is expensive, destructive to bathrooms and time consuming to undertake. Showerbuddy removes any need for remodelling, without sacrificing any functionality or comfort.

    It’s a great choice for rentals or shared bathrooms as a result. You can be set up and using our most complex chair in under an hour.

  • Premium design

    Showerbuddy’s mission to provide the best bathroom experiences to those with mobility challenges extends into our commitment to research and development.

    We develop custom tooling and manufacture every chair in our state of the art, dedicated facility. Every bolt, lever, cushion and frame is produced with high grade materials and to exacting tolerances.

Close-up of a mobility aid chair headrest in navy blue with ergonomic contouring, mounted on a beige and orange frame with a silver adjustment lever, emphasizing comfort and support for the user's head and neck.

Modify your chair: Accessories

A bathroom mobility solution should be designed around you or your client’s specific requirements.

Showerbuddy offers a range of accessories that adjust the chair to suit.

This includes different cushions, backrests, neck support, bridge lengths and more.

Hand holding a smartphone displaying the BathCheck app, an interactive tool for selecting the best Showerbuddy bathroom mobility solutions based on individual bathroom dimensions and requirements.

Will it fit?: BathCheck

Not sure if Showerbuddy is right for your bathroom? Try our award-winning app, BathCheck

With BathCheck, you’ll be guided through a step by step measurement wizard that will expertly prescribe the best solution for your client. It’s also a full Showerbuddy product resource library.

Group of happy Showerbuddy team members outdoors, showcasing the supportive community behind the company's commitment to enhancing bathroom mobility for those with accessibility needs.

Showerbuddy has been supporting the mobility community to make bathroom use easier for many years. Learn about the team behind the chairs.

What the mobility community is saying about us

One of the great features of Showerbuddy is it’s easy to assemble, but easy to disassemble – leaving the shower as normal for my able-bodied flatmate to use.


New Zealand

When we first saw this for the first time, we thought it could give her the best experience that she could have – it really is. It’s helped her have a safe experience in the shower, there’s a lot of support for her and we really love it.



I highly recommend Showerbuddy due to the versatility of the product, the user-friendly BathCheck app, and being an overall affordable solution for the entire disability and aged care sector.


Rehab Hire, Australia