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Promotional image of a Showerbuddy transfer system, designed for a smooth transition into and out of the shower without the need for manual lifting.

Shower: Transfer

Get into and out of the shower without any manual lifting or straining.

  • About our: Shower Transfer solutions

    The process of accessing a shower with a mobility impairment is a challenge that affects millions around the world each day. The risks that carers and individuals take with a manual lift into the shower results in countless injuries such as back sprains or worse. We think that in a slippery, unstable environment like a wet bathroom, the job of transferring into and out of a shower should be taken over by capable assistive technology.

Enter Showerbuddy.

  • Adaptable and: rotatable

    We understand that all bathrooms are different, whether that’s in configuration of fixtures, shape or size. Accordingly, the Showerbuddy shower transfer solutions can be adapted to fit most bathrooms worldwide. 

    In fact, we’ve developed a standalone app called BathCheck that helps users, families and their occupational therapist to measure up a bathroom quickly and immediately determine Showerbuddy’s fit for them. Learn more about this innovative (and free) tool.

    Our shower transfer products offer a high degree of movement whilst bathing, whether that’s the 360 degree swivel of our SB1 Transfer Range or the highly manoeuvrable design of our Roll-In models. There’s a way to achieve comfort and personal bathing preferences through our solutions. The rotation of our SB1 chairs also helps carers achieve easier access to the individual for better assistance.

  • Image of a Showerbuddy transfer chair within a shower stall, highlighting the chair's height adjustability for the seat and footrests to facilitate effortless transfers.

    Along with our chair’s seat and feet rests height adjustment ability, Showerbuddy’s Transfer range (the systems designed for shower units with an edge), can have the shower base and the rolling chair base both height adjusted to achieve a perfect, flat bridge level making transfers as effortless as possible. 

  • Informative image showing a Showerbuddy transfer system in a bathroom, posing the question of its usage benefits for shower accessibility.

    Why use: a Shower Transfer system?

  • Slide effortlessly into the shower

    Any mobility impaired person who’s struggled with manual access to a shower knows the process can be quite daunting – there are slippery surfaces, hard edges and the concern around strength of carer and the user themselves to contend with.

    Showerbuddy makes transfers effortless. 

    For our users with a shower unit that comes with a raised edge, the transfer range makes use of a chair-bridge-base format that allows users to be moved across the edge of the shower into the unit to bathe. All of this happens with the user seated and securely positioned.

    For those with an open shower area without an edge, the Roll-InBuddy range brings stability through reliable locking wheels and supportive arm, back and foot rests.

    A shower transfer solution and much more

    Showerbuddy’s range of shower transfer chairs have been used by tens of thousands of families the world over for over15 years. We develop solutions for all types of users and bathroom configurations. So whether you’re dealing with an open plan accessible ‘wet room’ style shower, or a shower unit with a raised edge, there’s a Showerbuddy transfer solution for you. But it’s not just shower access that our products take care of. In fact, the Showerbuddy is more a complete bathroom mobility solution, with the design of our chairs enabling comfortable toilet use, bedside commode and a total elimination of in-bathroom manual lifting and moving. 

Our Shower Transfer Features

  • Showerbuddy chair displayed from a front-facing angle, emphasizing the benefit of no manual lifting and reduced hazards for users.

    No manual lifting, fewer hazards

    The biggest risks that a mobility impaired person experiences in the bathroom is in the manual lifting a carer needs to undertake to position them into a shower, bath or atop a toilet. Showerbuddy systems remove this. In fact, our solutions allow users to be transferred onto the Showerbuddy from the comfort of a bedroom, with flip back arms making bedside mounting simple. 

    The carer or loved one can then move the individual into the bathroom where they’re able to use the toilet, wash up and bathe in the shower without getting out of the chair once.

  • Image focusing on the backrest and safety harness of a Showerbuddy chair, highlighting the features that contribute to safe, comfortable, and relaxing showers.

    Safe, comfortable and relaxing showers

    Showerbuddy isn’t just about making shower transfers easy. We believe that everyone has the right to relax and enjoy their shower. Our systems come with safety belts that help to keep the user in place. Along with a variety of adjustments to attain the best positioning and support, many of our Showerbuddy users can be afforded solo time to enjoy their shower without the immediate presence of a carer. It’s this dignified experience that drives us to develop Showerbuddy products.

  • Close-up image of a wheel on a Showerbuddy chair, showcasing the robust and stable design for a comfortable user experience.

    Comfortable and stable

    Our shower transfer systems are designed to be comfortable for sustained use in the bathroom. Our cushion is made with reinforced thick foam and soft vinyl covering. It’s also easy to remove and clean without issue. 

    To keep our users stable, our chairs have high quality caster wheels that roll easily around the home and bathroom, with firm locking whilst using the toilet, bathing, or during mounts and transfers. 

    Every Showerbuddy system comes with an included commode bucket system, with a pail that’s simple to remove and a lid to protect the contents.

  • Image showing the armrest and safety handle of a Showerbuddy chair, highlighting the additional accessories for enhanced user support.


    Even with the included features and adjustability, Showerbuddy products go a step further to customisation around our users’ particular needs. Our extensive accessories allow Showerbuddy owners to achieve function such as:

    • Non-standard seat openings for toilet and commode use
    • Shorter distance between armrests for smaller users
    • Longer or shorter transfer bridge lengths to suit particular bathroom spaces
    • Neck support with a stable neck rest attachment
    • Alternative tensioned backrest

Why choose us for your: Shower Transfer


We build shower transfer chairs that last. In fact, many of our users are using the same chair through childhood, teenagehood and adulthood thanks to the durability and customisation enabled by our range. 

At the core of our Showerbuddy range is the durable, non-rusting powder-coated aluminium frame. We develop chair frames through intensive research and design, giving us such a degree of confidence in their ability to last that we cover every frame with a lifetime warranty against rust or corrosion.

Our chairs are also assembled with high quality stainless steel, brass and plastic hardware, together creating a package that’s up to the rigours of daily bathroom use.

Setting up Showerbuddy is 90% done out of the box, meaning that getting it set up and operational can happen within an hour of delivery – tool-free.


We ensure that our manufacturing and packaging is sustainable, shipping our products in recyclable materials. At the end of the product’s life, the system can be recycled through your distributor or Showerbuddy directly.

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  • Image of a Showerbuddy shower transfer chair with a bridge connecting to a step, facilitating the transition from chair to shower area.

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