About Us – Showerbuddy

About: The Company

Showerbuddy was incorporated in 2004 after the founder’s grandfather took a fall while showering. Mr Florence was badly injured and his grandson decided there had to be a safer way for people who need assistance to once again access their bathroom with dignity, ease and comfort.

Where the business is based/operating

While the first shower chair models were not of design excellence, built of a plastic garden
chair and timber rails to slide into the shower, the idea was born. Mr Florence was safe
showering and Showerbuddy is helping those in need.

Since 2004, the organisation has grown through continual investment in design, engineering
and manufacturing to find quality solutions to solve peoples need to access their bathroom,
be that at their home, travelling away, in aged-care facilities or hospitals. Showerbuddy is
solving these access problems for thousands or users worldwide.

Showerbuddy is a New Zealand based business for global management, with separately
owned distribution businesses in Australia and recently United Kingdom. In addition to
these Showerbuddy businesses, we partner with distributors around the world, bringing our
unique sliding transfer bathroom systems and a large range of roll-in shower chairs, throughout Asia, Oceania, North and South America, UK and Europe.

Mission/vision of Showerbuddy

Our mission is to be at the forefront of innovation, to bring new and exciting high-quality
products to our therapist and distributor partners – but mostly to solve bathroom access
problems for our community of users and their therapist or care givers.

Although we are continually learning and improving, we also understand mobility. We
understand the restrictions our users suffer when they cannot access their bathroom.

We understand that a lot of users have no access to funding, no ability to undertake a full
remodel because they may rent their home, or live in a multi-story apartment making that
option difficult. Some users need to be discharged from hospital but cannot return home
because they cannot access their bathroom without a remodel. This is when a Showerbuddy
steps up to provide a very real solution.

Our vision is to continue to innovate, to continue to deliver solutions that work for those in
need. We do that by caring. Caring and offering best in class products and customer service
to all those we interact with. Our vision also extends to listening to our customers, gaining valuable insight into their problems then finding solutions to benefit all.

Our model of distributors

Showerbuddy has strict requirements for any mobility equipment business wishing to
distribute and sell our bathroom access solutions. The Showerbuddy name is synonymous with quality, caring and prompt resolution to customer enquiries. Distributors / retailers must agree to a long list of requirements from holding demonstration equipment to allow in-home trials, to undergoing extensive training for all staff, including 4-6 month refresher training. They must be knowledgeable.

We do not grant every distributor / retailer the right to stock and sell the entire range of solutions. If they do not have a therapist network who they consult with and supply
solutions to, then that distributor / retailer may be better suited to only offer the roll-in range of chairs.

Distributors who do have a network of therapists work closely with Showerbuddy, coordinating training not only for their own team, but also training for their therapist network. The Showerbuddy team is out on the road visiting distributor / retailers every working day.


The company does not operate a top-down model. We work globally on the basis of every
Showerbuddy team member being of equal value to the organisation, all bringing their very considerable experience in mobility to the group offering better outcomes for our community.

Global management is provided by our small team in Wellington New Zealand. Gena Boult and Barry Redican work from there, to provide guidance, support and planning to the international team. Kate Johnson assists the global team as Executive Assistant, based in Melbourne.

Australia is run as a separate company businesses with Linda Vella undertaking Business
Development, based in Melbourne and Jodie Cockerill as National Sales, based in New South
Wales. Our warehouse operation is also based in Melbourne. Showerbuddy in Australia
supplies over 100 retailers across Australia, with Showerbuddy sales increasing rapidly as awareness of the solutions develop.

Showerbuddy UK is a new family member started late 2023 and already gaining acceptance
across UK. Adam Tatlock heads up this company after a long and successful career in the mobility industry across UK. Our warehouse is based in Dorset.

Our Manufacturing

Our manufacturing is based in Dongguan China and since 2008. All production and quality
control is managed and supervised by our own team on the ground. General Manager, Asia,
Jimmy Wong is the longest serving employee of Showerbuddy and controls operations there. Jimmy has been with the company almost since inception in 2004. He is joined by his engineer brother, Lyndon Wong. Jimmy and Lyndon provide the necessary skill, determination and strength to manage our China operations, bringing best in class products to our consumers at a competitive price.

In late 2024 the company relocates to a new purpose built facility incorporating the latest in
manufacturing technology to increase quality, efficiency and timeliness in delivery.


Awarded ‘Innovation of the Year’ in Australia 2022, BathCheck is a unique app for mobile or desktop browsers designed by Showerbuddy for Therapists and Mobility Equipment Specialists to assist them in determining if a clients bathroom can be accessed by the user, without a remodel. The app consists of a Wizard to carry out some simple calculations then it can prescribe a solution for that bathroom. BathCheck also has a full resource library for users to research every model and accessory within the Showerbuddy shower chair range to find the perfect solution tailored to their needs.

The app allows the user to email the final report to themselves, their equipment supplier and the client if desired. Alternatively the therapist may save that clients bathroom detail within their phone app for later review. Images of the bathroom are able to be uploaded for reference and emailing also.

Partnerships with OTs, suppliers

Showerbuddy maintains close working relationships with a large database of Occupational Therapists and Mobility Equipment Suppliers. These partnerships are highly beneficial for both parties and for the end-users.

Occupational therapists provide valuable insights into the needs and challenges faced by individuals with mobility issues. By collaborating with occupational therapists, Showerbuddy can develop products that better address these needs and improve user experience.

The education and training sessions that our Business Development Managers and Trainers provide to Occupational Therapists is highly regarded by them. It provides an open forum to them to express their thoughts, share experience and to learn new ways of moving and
handling clients within the home and bathroom areas. It also provides us, as a company, with valuable feedback that we can feed into our product development team as we strive to solve some of the mobility challenges shared by our community.

Overall, our partnership with Occupational Therapists is instrumental in driving our product
innovation, improving user experiences and expanding the market reach for Showerbuddy.