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One of the features of the Showerbuddy bathroom mobility system.
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About our Commode Chair feature

Having a reliable commode system is crucial for any mobility impaired individual’s convenience and comfort. The Showerbuddy range comes equipped with a removable commode bucket system that enables bedside or away from bathroom use discreetly and cleanly. And when not in use, the Showerbuddy’s seat cushion closes up the gap and offers complete comfort for the user during mobility or bathing. 

How our commode chair works

The Showerbuddy commode chair feature is designed to accommodate users who may need to relieve themselves whilst positioned far away from the bathroom. For example in the middle of the night, the Showerbuddy’s commode functionality allows the user to move straight off the bed and onto the chair for use. 

The armrests and seat cushion are made to be pleasant to sit on and supportive to maintaining the right body position during use.

Why have a standalone commode when the Showerbuddy system takes care of toilet use, portable commode use, bathing and transferring into the bathroom all in one unit?

Why use a Commode Chair?

ShowerBuddy SB1 in shower with caregiver removing bridge
Getting out of bed to use a commode can be hazardous for a mobility impaired individual whether that’s from injury, a condition or old age. With reduced light and sleepy users, any commode that’s up to the task needs to enable simple and stable movement onto and off of the bed.

The Showerbuddy lineup offers foldaway arms to make mounting and dismounting from bed easier either solo or with the help of a carer. The user will then sit on their Showerbuddy and use the commode via the opening as they would a regular toilet.

Our products also allow height adjustability to suit any height of bed, accommodating lifted beds designed for certain mobility requirements. This takes the strain off lifts and reduces hazards for both carer and the individual. 

A bedside commode and so much more

What makes Showerbuddy’s range so appealing to both users and their families is that it provides support across the entire bathroom process. As a commode chair, the sturdy frame, arm and feet rests, and reinforced cushioning is simply best in class for support during bathing. It’s also a reliable companion for showering, using the toilet, washing up, and even getting from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again. There’s a reason why it’s called a complete bathroom mobility solution. 

Our Commode Chair Features

Easy to remove pail

Showerbuddy’s commode pail can be easily removed by a family member or carer. This is especially important for hygiene and convenience of quick cleans and replacement.

Our commode chair function is also designed to be removed with the user seated or not seated. And to keep everything clean and tidy, the pail has a sturdy handle and lid to protect the contents.

It’s important that a pail can be removed easily from a commode chair. Oftentimes the individual will make use of the commode in the middle of the night, or away from home. Having the efficiency of replacement helps to keep things discrete and safe for user and carer alike.

Stable, easy roll castor wheels

Showerbuddy is designed for moving around the home from bedroom to bathroom and anywhere else you need to go. Our chairs come with castor wheels that roll easily in 360 degrees. They also lock down for stability, important during commode use.

The castor wheels are also great for moving the user from bedside through to the toilet or shower in the bathroom. We’ve designed a unit that means the user can conduct all typical bathroom activities without any manual lifting and shifting – the most common cause of injury or accident to a carer during bathroom assistance.

Comfortable cushion

We take our users’ comfort seriously. When using a commode system in place of a toilet, it’s important that the experience feels as pleasant as possible. Our entire range is designed with cushions made from high grade foam that reaches a balance of reassuring support and softness that accommodates different users’ body types. 

For users who need a different style of opening, we offer a range of replacement cushion accessories to tailor the Showerbuddy to their specific needs. 

And the most important part of any effective commode chair cushion is how easy it is to clean. With our waterproof vinyl seat cushion cover and the ease of removal from the chair frame, cleaning is straightforward and quick.

Durable frame

The Showerbuddy’s frame is designed and machined to provide long term support and reliability to its user. From the easy-clean powder coat finish to the durable, non rusting frame made from hardened aluminium, there’s little of the market that’s up to the standard of a Showerbuddy bathroom and commode chair. 

The parts of Showerbuddy are all precisely machined and welded, and are assembled with high grade stainless steel, brass and plastic hardware and fittings.

We believe so strongly in the quality of our Showerbuddy frames, we guarantee them with a lifetime warranty. This gives owners the peace of mind that their chair is up for the task of rigorous daily use, for as long as they need.

Why choose us for your Commode Chair

Set up and transport

When you receive a Showerbuddy system, the set up is easy, tool-free and done within the hour. In fact, our designs allow us to ship the units 90% assembled out of the box.

When you need to pack down the Showerbuddy or fold it up and take it on the road, the system is quick to pack away, fitting in most vehicles or storage cupboards.


We’re dedicated to protecting the environment wherever possible in our mission to help mobility impaired individuals use the bathroom easier. 

This is done through sustainable manufacturing and packaging decisions, and through the recyclability of the product itself at the end of its life. Users may also arrange return of their unneeded Showerbuddy to us or their distributor to aid with responsible recycling.

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