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Why a portable commode is a game changer for families

Why a portable commode is a game changer for families

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Using the toilet is perhaps the most challenging of daily tasks for a family managing a member who has mobility impairment. This process evolves over time – as the individual ages or their condition changes. We know first hand from supplying the equipment for families to make the bathroom easier to navigate that it’s toileting that is often as much of a concern as safe bathing.

One of the elements of all Showerbuddy systems is the portable commode function. A portable commode is a combination of a seat, body support and bucket to facilitate bowel movements without needing to be placed over the toilet. There’s a number of reasons why a portable commode makes sense for families to make use of for those moments where the toilet isn’t nearby.

Reducing accidents in the home

The first and most important rationale behind a portable commode is the fact that it removes the long trip to the toilet when nature calls.
Sometimes the need to relieve oneself doesn’t come with much warning; add in the inability to move quickly and the chance for accidents is high. An accident may be a mess to clean up, but the struggle to quickly make it to the toilet can also create hazards and lead to more serious accidents like a fall or slip.


A portable commode all but eliminates this hurried trip. By nature, its portability allows it to be placed near the user – and in the case of Showerbuddy the portable commode may double as a general mobility chair.

Convenience from the bed

Many of those moments where there’s a sudden need for the toilet come whilst the individual is lying down asleep.
In the middle of the night, a trip to the bathroom is even harder and more hazardous. A portable commode should be placed next to the bed, allowing for easy transfer out of bed, onto the seat and in use in a matter of moments.


Depending on the level of mobility, this may be assisted by a carer or loved one, or the individual may be able to manage this movement on their own.

Travel away from the home no longer a stress

Getting out and about is so important for families and even more so a loved one who has mobility challenges. It’s easy and convenient to stay at home, but much better for wellbeing to go on day trips, take holidays and see friends. The bathroom access while out is a common source of anxiety for families, but it needn’t be with a portable commode system.
Bringing a portable commode has a number of benefits. It removes the variation and anxiety around the state of bathrooms. With a chair/commode that’s familiar and personal, a bathroom merely needs to be big enough to enable privacy – the toilet itself doesn’t actually need to be used if it’s not wanted. A system like Showerbuddy allows the user to be placed over a regular toilet without making contact, or to simply use the portable commode bucket for emptying later. This flexibility is also great for users who are quite particular and hygiene conscious around public restrooms.


Another good reason to bring a portable commode on your travels away from home is when you’re travelling to places where a public restroom or home bathroom isn’t available or nearby. A good example of this is a relaxing trip through the park, at the beach or lookouts. Having the portable commode with the group and a practical way of handling waste will remove the tether to restrooms – more freedom can only be a good thing.

Any toilet becomes compatible

We all know how much restrooms vary from home to home, place to place. Whether facilities are too cramped, hard to access or horribly messy, the experience of using a toilet can be less than pleasant when away from the home.

A portable commode chair eliminates the stress that a toilet is too high, too low or not secure enough. It provides all the stability, while the toilet is merely a receptacle and means to dispose easily. The transfer from a wheelchair or other mobility equipment onto a public toilet can be fraught with hazards and risks of injury. A portable commode with wheels such as those Showerbuddy offers (take the SB7e for example), allows the user to be easily placed in the chair before even entering a restroom. No transfers are necessary once inside the toilet.

Easy to clean for loved ones

Beyond the functionality or convenience a portable commode offers, the ease of clean up is something any family will appreciate.

A portable commode should come with a removable bucket made of durable plastic that can be easily washed after disposal of its contents. The whole unit should also be easy to clean and dry should that be required. With the amount of tasks throughout the day a family will support their loved one with, a portable commode can save everyone lots of time and stress.

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The information in this article is intended as general information only and is not a replacement for official health guidance by your local medical providers. Please always consult an occupational therapist and/or local healthcare for more specific guidance.