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Full Foot Plate: FFP-18

  • Provides a smooth powder coat surface, single footplate
  • Reduces movement common in separate side footrests
  • Clip on-off, no tools required
  • Suitable our all users 
  • Order as an accessory
Where to Buy
Enquiries: admin@shower-buddy.com


For users who require their footrests to be linked together to form one single footplate. These footplates clip into position, over the existing individual footrest plates with no tools required. When the FFP-18 is fitted it provides a sturdy, smooth surfaced footrest.

To fold up or swing away the footplates for transferring the user to the chair, the FFP-18 must be removed. Do not stand on the footplates as this can cause a tip-forward hazard with potential injury to the user and care giver.