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Full Foot Plate: FFP-26

  • Provides a smooth powder coat surface, single footplate
  • Reduces movement common in separate side footrests
  • Clip on-off, no tools required
  • Suitable our all users 
  • Order as an accessory
Where to Buy
Enquiries: admin@shower-buddy.com


Users of our SB6c-26 who need their footrests connected to create a single footplate will find our solution practical. The footplates are designed to clip easily over the existing separate footrest plates, eliminating the need for tools. Once installed, the FFP-26 ensures a durable footrest with a smooth surface.

It's important to note that to swing away or fold up the footplates for the user's transfer to the chair, the FFP-26 needs to be detached. Standing on the footplates should be avoided as it may lead to a forward tipping risk, potentially causing injury to both the user and the caregiver.