Reduce width between arms with the A-P2 Showerbuddy Accessory
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Reduce Width Between Arms: A-P2

Reduce the dimension between the arms of your chair.

  • Designed for ShowerBuddy and TubBuddy
  • Reduce distance between arms
  • Fits users needs between A-P1 and standard adult size
  • Remove and replace as the user grows
  • Order unit with A-P2 included or swap in later
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A-P2: Details

The A-P2 arms accessory allows to reduce width between arms of the SB1, SB2, SB2 and SB3T, from the standard 475mm (18.7") to 400mm (15.5"). A-P2 provides a fit for users between the A-P1 for younger/smaller users and the full size adult arms standard with ShowerBuddy and TubBuddy.

Connecting the A-P2 arms is the same process as the SB1-3T chair’s standard armrests, with a slide lock to secure the arms in place when lowered (as standard). A-P2 arm rests can fold away to assist with transfer on and off the chair.

As the A-P1/P2 arms are removable, users can grow with their unit, changing accessories out as required – this saves significantly on entirely new mobility equipment. The A-P2 accessory can be ordered alongside the ShowerBuddy/TubBuddy chair, or purchased later when the user outgrows the A-P1 accessory.

A-P2 Dimensions
  • Reduced width between arms: 400mm (15.5") (from 475mm or 18.7" standard)
  • Cushion to armrest height: 210mm (8") (from 240mm or 9.5" standard)