Seat Cushion Overlay SCO - Showerbuddy Accessory
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Seat Cushion Overlay: SCO

  • Made from comfortable yet durable PU Foam
  • Covers commode opening
  • Turn Showerbuddy into a transport chair
  • Easy press-fit to SB1, SB2, SB2T and SB3T standard issue cushion
  • Easy-clean and durable
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Seat Cushion Overlay SCO: Details

Showerbuddy’s bathroom application means the standard seat includes a commode opening. In some situations, users may wish to use their Showerbuddy as a transport solution. During these times, the opening isn’t required, and users can enjoy greater comfort using the Seat Cushion Overlay. Made from polyurethane foam, this overlay offers both visual and practical benefits over the standard configuration during travel.

Made to sit comfortably onto our standard issue PU seat cushions on SB1, SB2, SB2T and SB3T only, the SCO will offer extra versatility for Showerbuddy owners.