Shorter Bridge for SB1 - 300mm BR-30-SB1 - Showerbuddy Accessory
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Shorter Bridge for SB1 – 300mm (12"): BR-30-SB1

Allowing users of the SB1 to fit their unit in a smaller bathroom.

  • Made for the SB1 unit
  • 300mm (12") bridge length
  • Designed for smaller bathrooms
  • Order alongside SB1 or add later
  • Durable aluminium material
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Shorter Bridge for SB1 – 300mm BR-30-SB1: Details

Our SB1 has brought bathroom mobility to thousands of mobility impaired individuals across the world. The chair, shower unit and connecting bridge format has enabled users to enjoy the best possible bathroom mobility without expensive modifications. In some cases, our users have small bathrooms or tricky layouts that might make the full size transfer bridge unsuitable. The BR-30-SB1 accessory for the ShowerBuddy SB1 addresses this issue with its reduced length. Offering all the function of the standard bridge, this 300mm (12") version can help bring the benefits of the SB1 system to more bathrooms than ever before.

The BR-30-SB1 reduces the standard bridge length to 300mm (12"). Users and their OT and/or carer should ensure the bathroom space has been measured up to determine the best size of bridge. This accessory is purchased separately and installed, which is useful for users that change bathrooms or move houses. We recommend using BathCheck to guide you through the measurement process.

Need a bridge for the SB1 that’s shorter still? Learn about our 200mm (8") variant here or see the Custom Bridge accessory for a build-to-order option.