Shower Base Riser SBR150 - Showerbuddy Accessory
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Shower Base Riser: SBR150

  • Extension legs for shower base unit of SB1
  • Extension legs can be used to extend caster wheel height tube of SB1
  • Ideal when the shower has a high step
  • Easy swap out with existing shower base legs
  • Powder-coated variant

Refer to BathCheck to find out if you need a SBR accessory.

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Watch the: Tutorial Video

Learn how to fit Shower Base Risers (SBR).

Shower Base Risers: Details

If the shower floor is level with (or lower) than the bathroom floor, or you have a high step at the shower entry, the shower base unit may need extra height to allow the base, bridge and rolling base (chair) to align correctly.

This is no longer a problem with our powder-coated Shower Base Risers – a 4x set of longer tubular leg parts that replace the SB1 Showerbuddy’s standard shower base legs. This accessory provides more height to clear the shower step and connect chair and showerbase units.

You may need SBR100 (100mm of 4” long) or SBR150 (150mm or 6” long) or SBR200 (200mm or 8” long) to replace the standard showerbase legs which are 63mm (2.5”). You may also need a workshop technician to swap out the caster wheel tubular lags for a set of SBR above the caster wheel.

Our bathroom measuring wizard, BathCheck, will help you determine these requirements.

Shower Base Risers can be ordered with the Showerbuddy SB1, or purchased later.