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Soft Foam Cushion: SCSF-22 H

  • Extra soft 25mm foam layer over a 10mm foam
  • Hand stretched PU fabric covering, no edge join 
  • Screw-fixed installation to chair
  • Use with the Roll-InBuddy XL, SB6c-22
  • Easy to clean
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The SCSF-22 H Soft Foam Cushion is expertly constructed with a robust plywood base, featuring 10mm of Polyethylene foam beneath a layer of 25mm extra soft foam. The cushion is enveloped in an easy-to-clean PU fabric, which is hand-stretched over and around the foam before being securely stapled to the cushion's base underside, also finished with a PU fabric covering.

Code Foam & Fabric Measure Dim 'A' Dim 'S' Dim 'T' Overlay Insert
SCSF-22 H Soft - PU Skin mm 180 100 90 No No
    inch 7.0 4.00 3.5 No No