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Soft Foam Cushion: SCSF1-3P

  • Extra soft 25mm foam layer over a 10mm foam
  • A vinyl covering that is machine fitted, with a heat sealed edge join
  • Snaps on with locating lugs
  • Use with the SB1, SB2, SB2T, 3T models and P1 & P2 Petite accessory.
Where to Buy


If you're looking for enhanced bathroom transfer support for smaller users, our Petite-Buddy P1 or P2 is a fantastic option. These models pair seamlessly with our SB1, SB2, SB2T, or SB3T Showerbuddy chairs, available for separate purchase.

We know that some users prefer a softer cushioning experience than what our standard P1 or P2 cushions offer, which are made from firmer PU foam. So we've thoughtfully designed the SCSF1-3 P. This soft comfort foam cushion caters to those seeking an extra layer of softness.

The construction of the SCSF1-3 P Soft Foam Cushion involves a sturdy plywood base layered with 10mm of Polyethylene foam, topped with 25mm of exceptionally soft foam. It's enveloped in an easy-to-clean vinyl covering, meticulously machine-fitted to encase the entire cushion. The edges are finished with a water-resistant, heat-sealed joint for added durability.

Fitting the cushion is a breeze, thanks to the convenient locating lugs on its underside. Just click it into place, and users can experience the added comfort and support of their Showerbuddy.

Code Foam & Fabric Measure Dim 'A' Dim 'S' Dim 'T' Overlay Insert
SCSF1-3 P Soft - Vinyl mm 145 65 90 SCO-P No
    inch 5.75 2.5 3.5 SCO-P No