Showerbuddy offers complete comfort and convenience to mobility impaired users. In some cases however, the bridge that transfers users from Showerbuddy’s base into the bath/shower unit may need modification to suit particular spaces or bathroom designs.

The Custom Size Bridge solves this with a bespoke length solution that can be ordered at the same time as select Showerbuddy units. Simply contact your local distributor with specific requirements of your transfer bridge.

The standard transfer bridge can be shortened or lengthened by an additional 900mm on all models, helping to bring all the function of Showerbuddy into more bathrooms.

Order with your Showerbuddy unit only if required – we recommend users discuss their needs with their OT or mobility provider.


at a glance

  • Choose a custom-length transfer bridge
  • Up to 900mm or 35.5 inch length
  • Helps Showerbuddy fit more spaces
  • Made from hardened aluminium
  • Order with unit or later as a swap out