Seat Cushion Closed Front

The closed-front commode seat cushion for the ShowerBuddy SB1,2 and 3 models

Some users of the ShowerBuddy and TubBuddy systems prefer a commode seat without a front opening. We designed the SCCF1-3 accessory for these users.

Created from our long-lasting, comfortable foam and vinyl covering as the rest of the Showerbuddy cushions, the SCCF1-3 fixes to Shower and TubBuddy chairs without needing to reassemble the entire unit – just lift off the existing cushion and push on the SCCF1-3.

We recommend users discuss their commode needs with their carer and OT to ensure the SCCF1-3 accessory is right for them.


at a glance

  • Closed front design
  • Made for the ShowerBuddy and TubBuddy models
  • Made from strong yet comfortable materials
  • Straightforward to clean
  • Easy to install onto compatible chairs