Transfer Range

Showerbuddy’s transfer range is designed to help mobility impaired users access bathtubs and step-in showers. All products in this range include our innovative chair-bridge-base system.

ShowerBuddy SB1

Our solution for showers with a raised edge (‘step in’), the ShowerBuddy SB1 provides a better shower and toilet user experience for individuals with mobility requirements. In just under an hour of setup and configuration, the ShowerBuddy SB1 allows for transfer in and out of a step in shower unit.

ShowerBuddy SB1 positioned in shower front facing

TubBuddy SB2

For homes with a bathtub shower, the SB2 TubBuddy’s raised bridge and base system allows individuals clearance and an ease of access to make the showering process much more comfortable and relaxing for both user and carer.

TubBuddy SB2 chair in bathtub

TubBuddy Tilt SB2T

Looking for all the benefits of SB2 TubBuddy with the additional maneuverability of a tilting chair function? SB2T is the solution for you. SB2T allows up to 30 degrees of tilt, helping users to clear their legs over the bathtub with no additional help from a carer.

TubBuddy Tilt SB2T chair tilted

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We offer a comprehensive list of accessories to make Showerbuddy fit our users’ bodies and needs. Please explore the range and speak with your distributor about the best combination for you.
Showebuddy Accessory NRA

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BathCheck is a mobile app that allows OTs, PTs, families and users to measure up a bathroom and determine if the Showerbuddy transfer system will fit.

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ShowerBuddy SB1 positioned in shower front facing