Shorter Bridge for SB2 - 200mm BR-20-SB2 - Showerbuddy Accessory
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Shorter Bridge for SB2 – 200mm: BR-20-SB2

The TubBuddy bridge for smaller bathrooms.

  • Made for the SB2 and SB2T units
  • 200mm (8") bridge length
  • Useful in smaller bathrooms
  • Order with SB2 or install later
  • Strong, aluminium build
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Shorter Bridge for SB2 BR-20-SB2 – 200mm (8"): Details

TubBuddy brings the comfort, flexibility and bathroom function to mobility impaired users with bathtub-style shower units. The TubBuddy products SB2 and SB2T (tilting version) are designed in 3 parts; a chair for the user, a tub-based unit and a bridge that connect the two for transfers in and out of the shower tub. Our users love that they can use existing bathtub showers without permanent modifications required. However, some bathrooms simply don’t offer the space to fit the transfer bridge size that comes standard on SB2 and SB2T.

That’s why Showerbuddy offers an alternative shorter-length bridge for the SB2 series, reducing transfer to 200mm (8"). Often, this reduction in bridge size is what allows complete, unimpeded use of this popular mobility solution.

BR-20-SB2 can be ordered alongside the SB2/T units, or installed later in cases where the user changes bathroom or home. Carers, OTs and users are encouraged to measure up the space carefully before ordering their bridge. Our team is available to discuss your needs and advise on what configuration is appropriate. We recommend using BathCheck to guide you through the measurement process.

Looking for a shorter bridge for the SB1 ShowerBuddy instead? See the 200mm (8") and 300mm (12") versions here.