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Are folding or wall mounted shower seats worth it?

Are folding or wall mounted shower seats worth it?

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Are folding or wall mounted shower seats worth it?

Looking for a viable option for the shower that allows you to sit down when you need it but not take up space can make the wall mounted or folding shower seat an attractive option to consider. But are these really the best solution for space saving and shower support?


We take a closer look at this type of shower seat in this article.

About this type of seat

What is a folding or wall mounted shower seat?

A folding or wall-mounted shower seat is a type of bathroom support equipment that is permanently fixed to the wall of a shower. They will usually consist of just a seat which can be a solid slab of metal or plastic or made up of 3-4 slats and bracing. 

When the user is ready to shower, a folding variant can be pulled down from the wall and sat on while bathing. A standard wall mounted seat will always be present, whether the person showering wants to use it or not. 

The functions of a folding shower seat

The basic premise of a folding shower seat is that it can be in use when it’s needed and then positioned flat against the wall when it’s not. This makes a folding seat really appealing for families using a shared bathroom. 

A folding shower seat will allow some respite for a user to bathe without standing for the entirety of the shower. Some people in the household may even use these to rest a foot against to shave legs. 

But they come with problems…

Risks of a folding chair for someone with mobility impairment

For anyone with any considerable degree of movement challenges, a folding shower seat can actually present some issues.

Firstly, these seats don’t have side edges to them to keep the user positioned properly. Sliding across or slipping on the seat could result in falling off onto the edge or bottom of the bathtub or shower causing injury. 

Secondly, A folding shower seat that’s not of high quality materials or installed correctly could also buckle as it’s on a hinge. Any user big or small will be putting stress on this hinge – it really needs to be up to the tasks day in, day out. 

Another risk that a folding chair presents is during the act of transfer. These seats by design are compact, making for a smaller target to sit into. They may also not be located near the point of entry into the shower unit, which requires more of an effort to maneuver from the edge of the shower into the seat – even with a carer’s help.

Destructive installation – costly and maybe not even possible

Aside from the deficiencies in mobility support a folding or wall mounted seat offers, there’s the issue of installation. Many families are not living in an owned home, meaning that any destructive remodelling is simply not allowed. 

For families who do own the home (or have a landlord that’s open to you drilling holes), the process of installation can be messy and expensive depending on what is behind the wall. Consider the plumbing, wall framing joists and any other waterproofing material that may need to be repaired or reconfigured. 

It doesn’t take long for the installation to cost much more than the seat itself.

Why a proper shower transfer chair is a much better option

Why a proper shower transfer chair is a much better option

Outside of the lightest of use cases, a folding shower seat simply presents an inferior bathing experience and more risks for user and carer. But the biggest draw of a fold-away shower chair can be obtained with a much more superior bathroom mobility solution like Showerbuddy. Our transfer systems are designed to securely seat the user from the moment they enter the bathroom, use the toilet, wash up and shower – all without getting out of the chair or needing to be lifted. The bathing part of the process is enabled by having a shower/bath base that is positioned inside the shower. This is connected to a transfer bridge which the main shower chair component connects into. All together, individuals who have reduced or even no mobility control can enjoy hassle-free showering without difficulty. 

Looking for help with a good shower mobility solution?

You can get valuable insights from Showerbuddy’s dedicated shower chair resource. Alternatively you can check out our full range of products.


The information in this article is intended as general information only and is not a replacement for official health guidance by your local medical providers. Please always consult an occupational therapist and/or local healthcare for more specific guidance.