How To Customise Your Showerbuddy Transfer System

How To Customise Your Showerbuddy Transfer System

How To Customise Your Showerbuddy Transfer System

Showerbuddy isn’t just one product – it’s an entire ecosystem designed to cater for the global mobility community’s needs. We provide solutions for different bathrooms, shower configurations, body types and support needs.


In this article we’ll explain just how flexible the Showerbuddy range can be.

Your Showerbuddy can grow with you

Our transfer range consists of chairs designed for step-over and bathtub configurations. We have thousands of children who use these systems every day. Because we design Showerbuddy to last the distance, we therefore allow customisation of the chair’s dimensions through our Petite accessories.

These reduce the width between armrests, bring a shorter back and neck rest and smaller commode opening. Once the child grows through our P1 and P2 Petite accessories, the chair can simply graduate into its standard format for teenagers and adults. This removes the need to buy entirely new transfer chairs which can become expensive and requires getting acquainted with a new system.

Conversely as we age our stature sometimes reduces. We lose weight and height. This is where the Showerbuddy transfer chairs can “reduce” with you. You may have started out needing the support, safety and comfort of a standard Showerbuddy solution but over the years as your body has changed you can swap out the full dimension parts for the smaller petite fittings.


These petite converters come in 2 sizes and save the user buying a whole new set-up, just swap out the seat cushion, backrest and narrower arms. It is a very easy conversion and our users love the savings they make along with maintaining the “comfort” feeling and familiarity of equipment rather than starting again.

Shower unit? Bathtub? Open floor? Sorted.

Showerbuddy believes in giving as many mobility impaired users more freedom and dignity in the bathroom as possible. That’s why our range includes systems that cater for different types of bathroom. A single person shower unit can appear challenging for someone with a disability, but the SB1 Showerbuddy allows barrier-free transfer and comfortable showering thanks to its compact, sturdy shower base and free rotating movement, perfect for a carer to assist without hassle.

The most important aspect of any shower chair solution is can it be adapted and customised to suit the bathroom and user. Showerbuddy solutions for the step-in shower can be adapted to suit various height shower trays and steps, reduced space in front of the shower opening, height of the seat and toilet clearance. You can also swap out the backrest – push handle to a straight handle without bend at the top to offer even more space saving. There are different accessories for comfort adjustment also. You can find out more about accessories to customise your SB1.

Bathtubs, too, are no issue with the SB2 and SB2T (tilting version) offering easy transfer over a bathtub. We help to ensure the best possible safety of users through the bath base that includes side stabilisers.

These side stabilisers and the solid construction of Showerbuddy products stand us apart from any other solution. Many times we have carried out the transfer of a user over a bathtub to shower while the user is fully tilted (saving the caregiver having to lift their legs) and every time we receive the feedback that “wow that feels so safe and secure”. Even the non-tilting SB2 model provides a very safe and comfortable transfer. All Showerbuddy systems include built in safety brakes which prevent anyone ever falling out of a chair during a transfer. To see all of the safety features and how to install a SB2T TubBuddy in the bathroom check out the short tutorial.

Our bathtub transfer chairs SB2 and SB2T also come with a range of accessories to customise the unit to fit your particular bathtub and bathroom.

To assist you even further the team at Showerbuddy developed a unique web and phone app called BathCheck. It is simple to use and will tell you in 7 easy steps;

  • Will the chair fit my particular bathroom, and if so,
  • what accessories do I need to customise the fit, if any.

Customise your transfer bridge

We know that some bathrooms work to slightly irregular dimensions, making all our standard transfer bridge sizes less than perfect. We therefore offer a custom order accessory where a bridge is made to the perfect size for you or your client’s bathroom. If you make an assessment of your bathroom and see bridge as a potential issue, make sure to get in touch with us or your distributor as there may be a solution with a custom measure bridge.

We also offer a range of accessory bridges that satisfy most users’ needs. Over many years we have determined the most often requested smaller bridge sizes and now have a range of shorter bridges available from our stores. Find out more about these bridge accessories.

A ‘wet room’ or open plan style shower requires a unit that’s able to be locked into place safely. Our roll in range and travel range all include strong brakes that gives the user and their carer peace of mind.

Supporting different user sizes

Our Roll-In range offers a number of options for users. Our standard SB6c Roll-In Buddy Lite offers users of up to 136 kg support (just under 300 pounds). But we also offer the XL and XXL Roll In models, which provide support for users up to 200 kg (440 pounds) and offer two larger seat widths to best suit the user.

Additional neck support

We know that for some transfer range users, there is a need for good, stable neck support during transfer and bathing. We created a Neck Rest Assembly accessory for just this use case. It comes standard in our tilt models but is available for the non-tilting variants as an after-purchase accessory. This can be really useful should a user’s body support needs develop over time.

Choose from a range of seat/opening styles

An essential part of the Showerbuddy systems is the seat opening for easier use of the toilet or built-in commode that allows use when away from a bathroom. We understand that users have different comfort and sizing requirements for a commode opening, and therefore bring a number of options outside of the standard format. These options include openings positioned at the front, right or left of the user’s seated position (depending upon chair model), a number of opening sizes and a closed front opening.

An occupational therapist and the user are best placed to determine which of these accessories are best for their needs. Explore our full range of seat accessories in our dedicated section.

Other accessories to customise your chair

There is a range of accessories that you can choose from to customise the fit and comfort of your chair, from

  • Padded back cushion for additional comfort and support
  • Additional safety restraints
  • Tensioned backrest (fabric with tension straps)
  • Arm rests with reduced width between for smaller users
  • Full cushion overlay to close off the commode
  • Chair risers, bath base risers, shower base risers

Learn more about bathroom transfer solutions

You can learn more about Showerbuddy or, get in touch with our team to arrange a demo with your nearest distributor.

The information in this article is intended as general information only and is not a replacement for official health guidance by your local medical providers. Please always consult an occupational therapist and/or local healthcare for more specific guidance.