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5 Reasons OTs Should Use BathCheck For Bathroom Mobility Assessments

5 Reasons OTs Should Use BathCheck For Bathroom Mobility Assessments

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Since we launched our app BathCheck, the response has been incredible. We’ve found that by offering a digital-based assessment tool, OTs and equipment retailers are able to find the best Showerbuddy solution quicker and easier. This is making them more efficient - but more importantly, offers a better service to their clients and their families. In fact, BathCheck won the ATSA Australian Innovation of the Year 2022 award. We continue to evolve the platform to accommodate different measurements, products and accessories. Here’s just 5 reasons why you should try BathCheck for bathroom assessments.

BathCheck speeds up the process of measuring

What we heard from occupational therapists for years prior to BathCheck is just how much time it takes to conduct a bathroom assessment. OTs need to carefully identify the daily requirements of clients and determine how the home currently meets these needs (or not). This helps to establish what care and equipment may be needed. To fully understand what’s required, OTs will need to have discussions with the family, carer and the end-user, as well as measure up the space, write notes and take action later to assess different possible options. In our discussions with OTs, with whom we are constantly talking with, we learned that in some cases, they may only fit 1-2 assessments in a day (especially with travel taken into account). 

With BathCheck, OTs free up considerable time. The app guides users through the measurement of the bathroom, step-by-step. 

When OTs don’t have to remember measurements to take or write notes down to type out later, they free up a lot of time. Often this makes the visit more about the chat with the family and mobility impaired individual. 

More accurate, detailed measurement

The measurement of the bathroom required numerous angles and considerations. Missing any of these could lead to issues with mobility equipment later such as a less-than-ideal fit. This can lead to time and cost-intensive rework like adjusting the equipment and remeasuring. 

With BathCheck, the process is guided meaning OTs are less likely to miss important details that help to get the best possible solution.  Each field captures measurements taken by the OT, using these to determine an appropriate solution. The wizard will also provide warnings or notifications if a specific measurement falls outside the standard compatible dimensions. This doesn’t necessarily mean Showerbuddy won’t fit, but may offer additional context for the OT to consider. 

BathCheck is compatible with bathrooms that have a bathtub or a shower unit, and will provide a customised wizard experience to accommodate either option. We recently updated the app to also provide measurement support for open, roll-in style bathrooms as well, making BathCheck a more complete companion app for OTs.

Get a tailored solution instantly

While BathCheck is a measurement wizard in your pocket. It’s actually much more than this. The process will provide OTs and other users with bespoke solutions from Showerbuddy’s range of chairs and accessories. This is all designed to offer the most appropriate bathroom mobility solution.

The best part? There’s no waiting around to send a form off to a supplier to hear back - the app provides the recommendation instantly in an easily digestible format that can be emailed to a mobility equipment distributor that carries Showerbuddy, to the client, or to colleagues to assist with the client’s care plan. 

Remove the paperwork 

Going digital is a big deal for OTs who know all too well the hassles of paper-based notes. In fact, paper and pen presents security issues around sensitive client information should it be misplaced. BathCheck looks to solve this problem by storing client measurements within the app. The OT can access these later on for any purpose including reporting, referencing when developing a care plan and of course to help order Showerbuddy equipment for the Bathroom. 

BathCheck is free on both mobile and web 

BathCheck doesn’t cost a thing. It’s our belief that providing more useful tools to occupational therapists is essential to making bathroom access easier. WIth better assessments of the bathroom, solutions will be more fit for purpose and that should benefit the end user and their carer. 

BathCheck is free for both the web-based application and the mobile app which can be downloaded onto both Android and iOS devices. We know many OTs who used BathCheck on their tablet / iPad. BathCheck works fantastically on these larger screen devices, slotting seamlessly into a digital workflow.

Try BathCheck today

If you’re keen to give BathCheck a go, check it out at:

  • The dedicated BathCheck website.
  • On the Showerbuddy website (see BathCheck in our navigation or on product pages)
  • Download onto an iOS app via the App Store

Download onto an android device via the Google Play Store

The information in this article is intended as general information only and is not a replacement for official health guidance by your local medical providers. Please always consult an occupational therapist and/or local healthcare for more specific guidance.