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Is A Shower Chair Right For Me?

Is A Shower Chair Right For Me?

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Learn about the range of users who benefit from Showerbuddy

This month we’ve been discussing topics related to the research process involved with choosing a bathroom mobility solution. This is a big decision after all; there’s perhaps no routine as personal as using the bathroom – be it bathing or the toilet. 

In this article we’re going to help anyone considering their options to better understand the breadth of applications Showerbuddy is ideal for. Bear in mind, these user types aren’t the only kinds of users we have, but a selection to show just how versatile Showerbuddy is for those with mobility support requirements.

Mobility needs vary greatly

We understand that no two users are the same. While certain conditions may present similarly, as individuals we have our own preferences for how we conduct things like bathing.

Showerbuddy’s team mission is to develop products that accommodate as broad a range of users with mobility needs as possible. Ultimately, a great solution should be flexible around you – not the other way around. Hence, as you browse through our product range and learn more about the features, you’ll come to understand just how much our solutions can accommodate your personal preferences.

An impairment to mobility can be due to things like injury, a genetic condition, old age, mental disability or illness. We have clients who are customers for a period of time until rehabilitation, and plenty more who are users for life. It’s our goal to help them make using the bathroom a comfortable and dignified experience.

What are some of the common use cases for Showerbuddy? Read on to find out.

Elderly users

Old age and mobility are closely connected. Coming to grips with a reduced capability to stabilise and maneuver around a slippery environment like the shower, or make the required bend to use the toilet can be a big challenge – especially as the onset of mobility issues can be gradual. It’s important that whatever solution is used to help doesn’t impede the users’ sense of independence they otherwise enjoy outside of the bathroom.

Showerbuddy has thousands of elderly users who have chosen our products for a number of reasons, including:

  • The solution is comfortable to use
  • It enables a combination of assisted and personal bathing
  • It can fit most bathrooms
  • It can be removed or configured quickly.
  • Common challenges like lifting legs over a bathtub have been accounted for with solutions like the SB2T Tilt function.
  • It’s a highly capable and well-designed toilet elevation solution as well – a need for many elderly users along with bathing.

The Showerbuddy is excellent for elderly couples where one has mobility needs as it not only allows for personal bathing but assisted transferring, too. Once trained by an approved OT, a loved one can help carry out preparation and transfer of their partner into the shower. We’ve designed a product range that’s as intuitive as it is capable.

Paralysed users

Showerbuddy’s development has been made with paralysed users front of mind. There’s a number of considerations that we have to make for this user type:

  • The chair must securely hold the user in place, both in dry and wet conditions – Showerbuddy’s footrest, arm rest, anti-slip seat, backrest and seat belt accessory offer comfortable stability of body position.
  • Transfer bridge and shower base must be stable as weight is distributed – our solutions are made from high quality materials and machining. Our bases have anti-slip stability features that keep everything in place.
  • A carer is a critical part of the solution, especially for users with Quadriplegia – Showerbuddy is built with carer in mind, including the transfer range’s ability to spin the chair in 360 degrees, and access through fold away arms etc.

For our Paraplegic users, Showerbuddy’s versatile design is perfect, allowing as much independent bathing as the user wants, while still offering excellent support and carer access if needed.

Mental disabilities

Where a mental disability prevents the individual from bathing independently, a shower system along with the right plan and support people is needed. Depending on the situation, there may be a need for complete equipment-based body support, in which case our solutions are perfect for this. During difficult episodes, loved ones or a carer should be able to focus on caring for the individual, rather than navigating the intricacies of equipment. That’s why we designed Showerbuddy to be used and adjusted in a matter of seconds thanks to the award winning design.

We believe strongly that the best equipment gets out of the users’ way and allows them to carry out the tasks without thinking about it. Showerbuddy is designed with this in mind.


We have thousands of families who engage our global distributor network to get Showerbuddy systems for their child. While many options out on the market are either designed for adults or children, Showerbuddy brings all the functionality to small children up to adulthood and into old age with the same range of products.

We simply modify these chairs with our Petite range of accessories. This reduces dimensions of the chair, making them a good fit for small users. As the user grows, they graduate up through two sizes, until they’re big enough to use Showerbuddy without accessories.

Rehabilitation from serious injury

Recovery from a debilitating accident can be a lengthy, tough process. Showering and using the toilet can suddenly become big hurdles, especially when these challenges are so sudden. We’ve built products that evolve and change with the user – such as when mobility is gradually improving. Injured users may start with their Showerbuddy providing complete support along with a carer. As they rehabilitate and gain more motor function, the system will accommodate more independent bathing.

Even with a long road to recovery, those needing support over the course of rehabilitation are better suited to a solution like Showerbuddy vs. permanent bathroom modification. You can read more about this comparison here.

Muscular Dystrophy

We also have thousands of users who suffer from any one of the types of muscular dystrophy. For these users, the flexibility of Showerbuddy is valuable as mobility needs evolve with the condition over time. As muscles weaken, our MD users demand extra support from their equipment. While our standard products offer an excellent degree of adjustability, our accessories take this further, offering additional support parts like the Neck Rest Assembly.


Are you or someone you know an amputee looking for a solution in the bathroom? We’ve got many amputees who rely upon the Showerbuddy systems to enjoy bathing and toileting. Depending on the amputation, chairs may need to offer extra fastening like the seat belt, or the help of a carer, allowed by our highly adjustable design with fold back arms and swivelling seat.

Showerbuddy helps our users enjoy more freedom and dignity in their lives

There are countless other impairments that our community deals with every day. They rely on Showerbuddy as a key part of their routine. If you are interested in learning whether Showerbuddy might be a fit for you or someone you know, get in touch and our team will be more than happy to help.

Want to know if Showerbuddy would fit in your bathroom?

We’ve developed a mobile and web app called BathCheck which guides you through the bathroom measurement process. Using this smart tool, you’ll be able to confirm whether Showerbuddy is an option for you!

Find out more at BathCheck.

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The information in this article is intended as general information only and is not a replacement for official health guidance by your local medical providers. Please always consult an occupational therapist and/or local healthcare for more specific guidance.