Petite Range

Showerbuddy is perfect for mobility impairments of most ages. Young children, small adults and the elderly often require a seated position that accommodates a smaller frame.

Petite Buddy P1

The P1 system converts a SB1, SB2, or SB3 chair into a solution that suits a young child or small adult. With reduced dimensions, smaller users can now enjoy a shower or use the toilet with the security and fit enjoyed by other users. P1 offers reduced distance between armrests, smaller commode opening and adjustable padded back and neck rests.

Petite Buddy P1 on SB1 frame in shower

Petite Buddy P2

We’ve designed P2 as the next stage for growing users who’ve outgrown the P1, or simply start their Showerbuddy journey at a size more in line with our mid-size accessory. With P2, dimensions are larger than P1 but smaller than the standard Showerbuddy dimensions, which makes it the ideal option for larger children or slightly smaller adults.

Petite-Buddy P2 on SB1 Frame in front of shower 04

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We offer a comprehensive list of accessories to make Showerbuddy fit our users’ bodies and needs. Please explore the range and speak with your distributor about the best combination for you.
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BathCheck is a mobile app that allows OTs, PTs, families and users to measure up a bathroom and determine if the Showerbuddy transfer system will fit.

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Petite-Buddy P1 on SB1 Frame with chair in shower