Showerbuddy’s Roll-In Range is designed for a roll/walk in shower style. All solutions are built for comfort and security during a shower, also offering flexibility as a toilet chair or commode.

Roll-InBuddy Lite SB6c

The SB6c is a nimble but incredibly sturdy shower transfer option. A carer can securely roll a user into the shower, lock the unit to the floor and provide showering assistance without issue. Enjoy all the benefits of a Roll-in Showerbuddy chair in a package that’s quick to shift around the home.

Roll-InBuddy Lite SB6c over toilet

Roll-InBuddy XL SB6c-22

The Roll-InBuddy XL offers a larger seat and scale for bigger Showerbuddy users. The SB6c-22 is designed to offer comfortable, safe bathing in roll-in showers and wet rooms. It supports users of weights up to 200kg, with a 560mm width seat.

Roll-InBuddy XL SB6c-22 in front of shower

Roll-InBuddy XXL SB6c-26

The next size up from our XL model, Roll-InBuddy XXL is a solution for larger users up to a weight of 200kg and seat width of 660mm or 26”. All the same features and benefits of our entire Roll-inBuddy range are found here, from adjustability and high quality fittings and frame.

Roll-InBuddy XXL SB6c-26 in front of shower

Roll-InBuddy Tilt SB3T

Some users simply require the additional positioning of a tilt, whether it’s for comfort or practicality with a carer. The SB3T combines the Roll-In format with the tilting of our TubBuddy Tilt to offer a solution perfect for wetroom and roll-in showers. Many users like the tilting function as it alleviates pressure during bathing.

Roll-InBuddy Tilt SB3T tilted in shower

Roll-InBuddy Solo SB6w

Some of our Showerbuddy community have a mobility level that allows them to self-propel in a wheelchair. For these users, the SB6w offers an option that allows even more independence in the bathroom. With the 2x 24” drive wheels, the Solo brings the benefits of Showerbuddy to a user who’s capable and willing to bathe alone.

Roll-InBuddy Solo SB6w video overlay image

Eco Traveller SB7e

Supporting users up to 120kg, Eco Traveller is ideal for trips away from home, folding down into a carry bag for ultimate portability. Even with its compact size, the SB7e is still a full featured Showerbuddy, with toilet chair, commode, adjustability and high comfort cushioning.

Eco Traveller SB7e video overlay image

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Roll-InBuddy Lite SB6c over toilet